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What a difference a year makes!

One year ago this month the Fenton Mill Living proposal was submitted, stealthily, under cover of Covid. . One year ago, one citizen stood up and […]


TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT! 301 MAIN ST., YORKTOWN! In November more than 100 people showed up to oppose this project – let’s see if we can DOUBLE […]


TOMORROW NIGHT, TUESDAY, MARCH 16 @ 7PM, the York County Board of Supervisors will decide the fate of the Fenton Mill Living rezoning. This is what […]


We need as many people as possible to make statements to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday evening. Arrive well before 8pm to sign up to […]

Meeting Update

You do not have to be a York County resident to come. This affects our whole region, and the more of us there, the better! 301 […]

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Great article by Kim Root in the Daily Press!
Daily Press reporter Dave Ress wrote a great article about development in upper York!

Public Comments

When the York County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee decided to discuss what the county means by "rural" (despite the fact that their own 1991 Comprehensive Plan already defines it), we asked our Facebook followers for their definition. Here's a smattering of their replies:

  • Tammy D. Little
    Leave us some open spaces to enjoy. I hardly recognize the area anymore.
    Tammy D. Little
  • Anne Smith
    No sirens and traffic jams. Driving down quiet, tree lined roads.
    Anne Smith
  • Cindy Rasmusson Shiver
    Rural is having a country road not congested, and living away from the hustle and bustle.
    Cindy Rasmusson Shiver
  • Heidi McCue-Gomes
    This is ridiculous! Everyone knows what rural means. This is evidence of them wanting to redefine it for their own purposes.
    Heidi McCue-Gomes
  • Steve Snell
    Sure you can’t have a peacock in city. RR is golden. Your animals will not bother 5 adjacent neighbors on top of you. Keep Zoning as is!
    Steve Snell
  • Barbara Ryba Levine
    Rural is where I live now. Rural is the reason I live where I live now. Rural is what those of us who chose to live here were looking for. Rural is where we can share a space with wildlife and maybe wild people! But there’s room for everyone.
    Barbara Ryba Levine
  • Linda Crump
    Rural means leave it alone.
    Linda Crump
  • Linda Jones
    We live in a peaceful neighborhood.  We need no changes: no traffic jams, no loud music.  Everything is just wonderful in the country; been here all my life.  We need no more houses or anything.
    Linda Jones
  • Linda Art
    Rural is having chickens if you want them.  Rural is quiet hours between 5pm and 9am.  Rural means I do not have to wait 5 minutes for the traffic to clear before I can get out of my driveway or road.
    Linda Art
  • Gary Parks
    [Rural is] why we moved here - not wanting house on top of house, seeing your neighbors in their bathroom, or noise levels to the extent you can’t hear yourselves think.  We moved here for the solitude of rural life.  The comprehensive plan needs to stay as it is.  The challenge to date is to convince the Board to keep our zone as is.  They have no plan to circumvent the impact this will have traffic wise.  There are other alternatives to improving revenue to the County.  This part of the County really doesn’t receive all the services like the lower county does - all we really receive is trash pick up, Police coverage and fire coverage, which are all necessary services.  We have basically been on the low end for many years.  Rural is part of that, and that’s the way we like it.
    Gary Parks
  • Doug Holroyd
    York County already provided an excellent definition in their 1991 Comprehensive Plan:
    • retention of natural physical features
    • retention of forest and woodland areas, both along roadways and within developed areas
    • protection of existing agricultural areas
    • protection or installation of landscaping and open space in all developments, and
    • protection or enhancement of open space areas at strategic, highly visible locations throughout the County.
    So what’s changed? This definition has held true for 30+ years. Seems ok to me.
    Doug Holroyd
  • Jerry Denion
    Rural means not condos, not townhouses, not cluster homes. It means community but not crowded. It means an abundance of natural surroundings (whatever nature decides to grow) not little stick trees surrounded by sod and blacktop. It means streams that are not filled with parking lot run-off and high-density neighborhood debris.
    Jerry Denion
  • Cynthia Reavis
    Rural is a pleasurable place to live that is full of trees, wildlife, fields full of crops, pastures with livestock, roads that are free from traffic, and houses with large yards spaced far from each other. As a matter of fact, this is what I enjoy most when I frequently drive down Fenton Mill Road on my way to Williamsburg. The road used to bring me peace - and then they devastated so many acres that I literally cried for the wildlife and what may be coming - and now they want to devastate more of these beautiful woods. This is NOT rural - this is urban sprawl.
    Cynthia Reavis
  • Tracey Brown
    [Rural] means country back roads with NO PAINTED LINES. Sitting on the back deck at night seeing stars, listening to mother nature at is best. Watching horses run through the pastures. Cows grazing! Chickens having a conversation with each other whilst picking the earth of insects and dry corn feed. Fresh smell of cut hay and grass filling our nostrels. THE GOOD LIFE! That's the point of living and enjoying a rural area. Don't destroy our quiet green space! It's what we love. Don't push out what's left of our beautiful wildlife. I hated it when they built GREAT WOLF LODGE! Are you going to take Waller Mill Park next? This is just disgusting, period.
    Tracey Brown
  • Stacy Owens-Zentner
    Rural is not living on top of your neighbors, but knowing who they are. Having lots of green grass, no sidewalks. Horses and cows down the road. Seeing farm trucks and farm machinery going up and down the road.
    Stacy Owens-Zentner
  • Sarah Fowkes
    Rural means quiet, peace and tranquility above all else. A respite from the fast pace and overwork of modern life. Rural means productive relationships with neighbors because you aren’t on top of each other and therefore aren’t bothered by the regular noise of everyday life that others create - because we have the space, both physical and mental - to do what’s most important to each of us without too much imposition on our neighbors. Rural means very little traffic, a slower, more intentional pace of life. Rural means supporting locally owned businesses to support our local people, rather than developers and huge chain stores and corporations. Rural means being willing to travel a slightly longer distance to reach those local businesses that we love because we want our homes to be off the beaten path in the quiet and calm, removed from the hustle and bustle. Rural means more of a connection to local producers and the land - farmers, growers, gardeners, independent makers of home goods and health products - rather than chain stores.   Rural means affordable living. No untenable inflation of home prices because developers slap up poorly constructed condos and cram people in who don’t know the area. I moved here because it is one of the parts of town that was still affordable with plenty of space. I have lived in different cities and competed with urban sprawl and loud neighbors for my entire adult life. Moving here was for the peace and quiet and finally some space to call my own.
    Sarah Fowkes
  • Ronnie Eads
    Keep hammering York County with your emails, phone calls, by whatever means you have available. Since the public meeting for rezoning has been delayed, the developer hopes complacency will win, very typical stall tactic, do not stop, stay in contact with the county administration!!! Take the opportunity to reach out to other York County residents to voice their opinions as well, particularly the lower county, the board of supervisor representatives for other districts need to vote NO to rezoning, without a majority vote it's probable that this rezoning could happen, this is about ALL of the county, who knows what and where the next development could take place, stay vigilant and spread the word!!
    Ronnie Eads
  • Charlie Mule
    Their definition [of rural] is determined by the dollar. I moved here to get away from populated areas. I like that it laid back and I feel like I live in the country even though there is plenty build up not five minutes from me.  I don’t want the traffic and construction following me home.  We must stop the rezoning of the Fenton Mill property.
    Charlie Mule
  • Audrey Benson Smith
    Look to the infrastructure in the Comp Plan. Look to the roads. Look for any need for Federal Funds. Terrible. It is a suburbia plan. Boo Hiss.
    Audrey Benson Smith
  • Kelly Hengler
    [The developer] needs NOT to be on the Steering Committee in York County.  The boundaries have been blurred regarding existing Communities, Urban Sprawl, Natural Resources and the Virginia Open Space Land Act. This in an area earmarked for $10M taxpayer support to boost the Historic Triangle as a National treasure and point of tourism Commerce for Virginia.  These open spaces are, in fact, unbuildable because they cannot be built as buildable land. The time has come to form an train of public outcry to Old Dominion and National Conservation Advocates.
    "The overall purposes of the Plan are to provide for an appropriate mix of residential, commercial, and industrial development; to guide such development to appropriate areas of the County based on the carrying capacity of the land, the existing development character, and the presence of infrastructure and public facilities; to preserve the County's natural resources and aesthetic quality; and to prevent the overburdening of the County's roads, utilities, facilities, and services."
    When the General Assembly passed Land Use legislation to minimize urban sprawl, maximize conservation, the statute clearly states "at the discretion of" the municipality. Stressing local resources, Taxpayers, and overbuilding to the point of shifting the entire cultural landscape of York County... not a plan that speaks to assurance of Rights of the existing Taxpayers.
    Kelly Hengler
  • I know what that property looks like, and that looks pretty dense to me, considering the ravines that are there and drainage that has to happen in that area. There are drains coming under Fenton Mill Road from the interstate to drain off rain water that drain through that property. The developer is using every square inch of land that he can to pile up homes so he can make a pile of money off of it...
  • Bruce Holmes
    “High density development” in this developer’s definition has to be completely rethought in a post-COVID-19 world, where hospital bed-loading metrics take on more importance than water and sewage loading building codes. If we let developers define codes with their 20th Century thinking, we’ll get century-old medical security.
    Bruce Holmes
  • Steve Snell
    NO TO REZONING YORK COUNTY. WE HAVE 2 Walmart's, a water country USA. Part of the Historical Triangle.... Geeze, IS THAT NOT ENOUGH REVENUE? This is what it is all about, is it not? We don't need more homes and such to take away from precious privacy of our own backyards.
    Steve Snell
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