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Preserve Fenton Mill


On March 16, 2021, the York County Board of Supervisors will decide on the Fenton Mill Living proposal to rezone this 376 acres, near 199, from Rural Residential to Planned Development Residential: from 288 single family homes to 599 cluster homes, townhomes and single family homes. COME TO THE MEETING! Tell the Board of Supervisors they work for us, not for big developers!

Talking Points

In November, 2020, the York County Planning Commission UNANIMOUSLY agreed to recommend denial of this proposal, agreeing that it does not meet the conditions and goals set forth in the York County Comprehensive Plan.

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We need your help to stop out-of-control development, and to protect our region's natural diversity and historic culture.

This new planned community, Fenton Mill Living, is located between two narrow country roads, with no plans to widen them. It is a heavily cycled route that regularly backs up when I-64 is congested. Traffic will feed onto I-64, 199, Rochambeau and Mooretown Road.

This project will be a financial windfall for the developer, but will negatively impact our quality of life and the tourist experience, and it will raise taxes for all York County residents.

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Fenton Mill Timeline

  • 2014York County Office of Economic Development advertised the land on Fenton Mill Road

    2014 Fenton Mill AdvertisementIn 2014, the York County Office of Economic Development advertised the land on Fenton Mill Road, in Upper York County, to developers. The vast majority of the land is zoned low-density Rural Residential, but they advertised it as an opportunity to build high-density housing, and touted its easy access to I-64, Richmond and Norfolk.
  • March 2020Mid-Atlantic Real Estate quietly submitted a request to rezone the Rural Residential portion of the land

    In March 2020, Mid-Atlantic Real Estate quietly submitted a request to the York County Planning Commission to rezone the Rural Residential portion of the land to Planned Development Residential (high-density planned community). This would enable them to build 836 homes instead of the 288 allowed by current zoning.
    Click here to see the documents submitted by the Developer.
  • April 2020A group of concerned volunteers started Preserve Fenton Mill

    Mid-Atlantic Real Estate owner Buddy Spencer, who sits on the York County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, hoped to quickly have the hearings and approval, while Covid-19 prevented in-person meetings, and before anyone in the affected community noticed. Fortunately, someone did notice. A group of concerned volunteers started Preserve Fenton Mill to sound the alarm, and citizen opposition to the project has been nearly unanimous.
  • September 2020The Developer Submitted a Revised Plan

    The new plan contains 599 homes. At more than twice the number the developer can build by right, we believe that is still too many.
  • November 2020The York County Planning Commission UNANIMOUSLY Agreed to Recommend DENIAL of the Development

    Many thanks to the more than 100 people who braved frigid weather to let the Planning Commission know that they oppose this rezoning, and want York County to abide by its own Comprehensive Plan!
  • March 16, 2021On MARCH 16 the BOARD of SUPERVISORS WILL DECIDE the Fate of Fenton Mill

    On MARCH 16, 2021, the Board of Supervisors will decide the fate of the Fenton Mill rezoning. WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE AT THE MEETING AS POSSIBLE. PLEASE COME EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN UPPER YORK, BECAUSE THIS WILL AFFECT YOU, TOO! All of Greater Williamsburg is feeling the impact of overdevelopment, and all of York County will get the tax increase if this plan is approved .

    Tell them what you think!
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What Can
You Do?

Steps you can take
to make a difference.

Take Action

Take Action: 10 Things You Can Do

Join our grassroots effort to stop the rezoning of the last large tracts of Historic Triangle land from rural residential to commercial and high-density!

  • 1Become informed: Read through our website and Facebook page to learn more about Fenton Mill Living and other recent developments in this region.
  • 2 Donate! Publicity and lawyers cost money. We have hired the lawyer who helped New Kent County defeat rezoning for a combat range.

Future Vision

Preserve Fenton Mill is sponsored by the Conserve York County Foundation, a grassroots volunteer organization working to protect the historic culture and natural diversity of the Historic Triangle from developer and government excess. We support smart development that incorporates citizen input to enhance our community and make life better for all residents of the area.

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